Hollywood, CA (The Hollywood Times) 3/10/15 – “I’m one of the newest managers here at Greenleaf and I feel so excited about our new location being here in Hollywood and that it truly feels like an oasis to me. I wish I lived upstairs so that I could eat here all the time, and not only when I’m working.” Kelly, manager of the newly opened Greenleaf restaurant, told The Hollywood Times this past Sunday.

I honestly don’t think I will ever want to eat at a fast food restaurant again while in Hollywood, when there is the ease of going into the Greenleaf Restaurant and being treated to friendly smiles and warm greetings.

The newly opened restaurant is located on Hollywood Blvd and Arglye, down the street from the Pantageous theatre. For all of you that have tickets to a show at the Pantageous theatre, you now have an excellent place to eat prior to your show, just a across the street.

We were welcomed as soon as we stepped through the open doors by a friendly staff member and before I could get a word out, here comes Khristee, the hostess, welcoming us to the restaurant and asked if we wanted to sit at the bar or outside. I then told her who I was and she said “great, it’s a pleasure to meet you, would you like to get a tour now or after your have lunch?” I went for the tour first. The restaurant is so cleverly designed, that it give the impression that you are in a larger than it appears restaurant. The woodwork around the bar and entrance gives the feel of an open air, backyard get together, truly. There is a dining area in the back of the restaurant that can be rented to hold corporate meetings, birthday and retirement parties with a large chalk board and TV for presentations or home videos. Very impressive design indeed. They have a private restroom for Women, Men and Family and a separate area for washing your hands. Yet another great design.

Just to mention that Stephen Francis Jones is the architect behind this amazing and warm feeling atmosphere at the Greenleaf Restaurant. He does amazing work, so when you go into the restaurant, take the time to look around before you get swept away to order some delicious food, it is totally worth it. Please check out Stephen Francis Jones’ website to see all of the famous restaurants he has designed and to learn about his passion as an architect. He designed Spagos and Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill as well as Lazy Dog Restaurants and The Daily Grill in downtown Los Angeles.

The outside dining area is surrounded with glass partitions and green trees with a large fire pit for those somewhat chilly nights. We decided to sit outside, since it was a beautiful sunny day. There is one great this I noticed, although I was on Hollywood Blvd, a very busy street, I actually did not hear the sounds from passing motorist. That was really cool, because my friend and I could have a conversation and hear each other.

So, Khristee took really great care of us and brought us out a delicious Pina-kale-ada cold pressed juice drink, which contained kale, grilled pineapple, lemon & apple, WOW. That sure woke up my taste buds. Next up was what they call “shared plates” spinach artichoke gratin with flatbread chips and meatballs and toast. Both were just amazing dishes full of flavor. They also offer thin-crust “pizza” served on a crisp whole wheat tortilla, and we had the BBQ chicken, red onion, cilantro, fresh mozzarella, cheddar & roasted pepperoncini blend. We both really liked it and it had a little bit of a

Jonathan Rollo, one of LA’s top celebrity chefs, is most fired up about the success and growth of, Greenleaf Gourmet Chopshop. Born and raised in Pasadena, California, Rollo graduated from Loyola High School here in Los Angeles and earned his bachelors in Human and Organizational Development at Vanderbilt University.

He then trained at Le Cordon Bleu and the Culinary and Hospitality Institute of Chicago, where he began working as a prep cook with The Rosebud Group. Eventually moving back to Los Angeles, he joined The Patina Group one of Southern California’s premiere restaurant groups. He left the group in Spring of 2007 to bring Greenleaf to life and hasn’t looked back since.

Meeting Room

He has also traveled extensively, eating his way around the world (staying for longer than his welcome in Western Europe). “I wanted to take what I’ve learned from my Mom, family and friends, plus the different cultures I’ve experienced, combine it with my restaurant experience and offer something fresh, delicious, healthy and unique in a fun, eco-conscious environment for the neighborhood!” says Jon.

Our mission statement is part philosophy and part unwavering commitment to ourselves and our customers

Greenleaf provides our communities with the highest quality, freshest and most delicious food that is also good for you. We say: “Eat Well. Live Well.” We are committed to using the finest and freshest local ingredients combined with gourmet cooking techniques to serve our customers an affordable yet creative dining option in a fun, comfortable, and relaxed environment.

Healthy Restaurant

Named one of LA’s Best, Greenleaf Gourmet Chopshop quickly became the preferred healthy restaurant group for Los Angeles and Orange County’s health-conscious eaters. Visit us today to find out why. We promote a healthy lifestyle by providing an affordable, fast-casual dining experience that features the freshest organic and local ingredients available every day. Greenleaf serves made-to-order salads, wraps and sandwiches using flame-grilled proteins and organic, locally-grown produce in a sleek open display kitchen. Greenleaf brings unique, gourmet ingredients to the everyday table. We create and serve food that we like to eat, and we think others will like too.