1980s yuppie decor is back, but reclaimed barn doors never left

Chrome, fake ferns, mauve...do we really miss the ’80s aesthetic for restaurant interiors? Yes! Tiring of rough-hewn, reclaimed wood and cold, minimalist dining rooms with bare pendant lights, diners could be warming up to places like Fern Bar. Named for the type of restaurant where crowds of yuppies and preppies sidled up to ornate bars with antique lamps and fake ferns, London’s Fern Bar is the best possible kind of throwback because it’s an unexpected reversal from the current era of restaurant design that’s too often starkly minimalist or trying-too-hard rough-hewn hipster.

Foundry & Lux blurs line between work, play

Jones is known for creating a backstory that informs his designs. With little to go on, his “aha” moment came when Jones was reading the Los Angeles Times’ Saturday section, which is “all about food and fun,” he says, adding that suddenly, “My mind was really going with the possibilities of what this could be.”

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