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Stephen Francis Jones (born 1961) is an American architect best known for his high-end restaurant designs and for being the owner of SFJones Architects, Inc.

Stephen Francis Jones is already known around the world as a master of architecture and design. Whether you are talking about Wolfgang Puck’s signature restaurant Spago in Beverly Hills, farm-to-table landmark MB Post in Manhattan Beach, the flagship location for La Brea Bakery, the Lucky Strike Bowling chain, Japan’s Mister Donut franchise, or the Java House chain in Africa, Jones’ designs are more than just places to eat – they are highly crafted social spaces where relationships are formed, collegial and familial bonds are reinforced, and communities are built.

And that’s the impetus behind Jones’ most recent efforts – including the unique Foundry & Lux complex at Britannia Cove at Oyster Point, located in South San Francisco. Approached by HCP Inc, one of the nation’s largest real estate firm specializing in healthcare and medical technology, Jones created Foundry & Lux as a central amenities facility to service the cutting-edge, high-tech firms that will populate the Britannia Cove campus.

Bringing to life a concept inspired by the word “Saturday,” Foundry & Lux is a unique social and commercial space that includes places to satisfy the mind, body, and soul. With places to eat, exercise, and relax, including spaces for yoga and a zen garden, Foundry & Lux is to the rest of the complex what Saturday is to the rest of the week.

Foundry & Lux is just one of Jones’ ongoing projects that reflects his evolving understanding of how a well-designed space and facility can do more than just offer commercial developers a place to set up shop. Inspired by new entrepreneurial colonies like Britannia Cove, where like-minded professionals find ways to share resources and work across disciplines, Jones is thrilled at the new challenges presented to his firm with every project. www.sfjones.com



Sandra Sadauskaite