Los Angeles-based architectural practice, SFJones Architects, has designed the Del Frisco’s Grille Pasadena project. Completed in 2015, the stylish restaurant is located in Pasadena, California, US.

Del Frisco Grill Pasadena is an upscale casual restaurant that has been ingeniously carved out of a ground floor office space on Lake Avenue, Los Angeles County.


The 6,500-square-foot interior offers three distinctive seating options. Curving Hollywood-style upholstered booths are tucked alongside the exhibition kitchen. Next to the window wall, Pullman-style booths made cozy with tufted fabrics look out on the patio. At the center of the dining room, ornamental metal screens lend intimacy to sofa-like red leather booths. The private dining room—with access to a private patio—seats twenty guests; a flexible curtain enclosure allows the space to be used as public seating when needed.

Distressed walnut tables lend an earthy vibe to the 175 interior seats, subtly illuminated by white pendant lights suspended from walnut beams that reveal steel trelliswork in the open ceiling. Red acoustic panels muting street sounds are also a design element, part of the restaurant’s harmonious palette of red, terracotta, tan, and rich brown.

At the entrance, a gleaming display of climate-controlled wine adjacent to the bar sets the tone of warm hospitality. Tiny air bubbles in the suspended seeded glass fixtures refract the light to create a vivacious sparkling effect. The chevron-patterned walnut ceiling that appears to hover above the bar, the hanging liquor bottles at each end, and the recessed lights below create a striking effect of weightlessness. In addition to the bar seating, two communal tables—each with its own TV—offer a social experience for guests gathering with friends.

Created by “borrowing” part of the original interior space, the 650-square-foot covered patio is clad in the same stone as the facade—as if the patio had always been part of the building. Ceiling fans in the wood-slatted ceiling whirl over the 45 upholstered seats, with concrete paver tiles that extend the indoor–outdoor feeling. Echoing the building’s three arches, a trio of arched red awnings add a punch of color to this invitingly laid-back setting.

Sandra Sadauskaite