5 Best Trends in Residential Design



1. Building in High Risk Fire Areas

More attention is being given to construction methods that are least prone to fire. The objective being not to allow burning ambers to get inside the house.  New building technology such as ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) and heavy timber construction are becoming popular alternatives to traditional 2x6 wood framing. The fire codes are requiring double pain safety glass and roof vents that limit the possibility of fire.


2. Auxiliary Dwelling Units (ADU)


In recent months the state and some cities has loosen their restrictions on ADU’s to help address the housing crisis. Some home owners, especially in the burn areas are able to reconfigure a dwelling on their site to accommodate a second means of access for an additional tenant. This can supplement part of the construction cost and make a project pencil out. It can also provide for an immediate housing solution when combined with modular home alternatives.


3. A Balanced Layout & Open Floor Plan

More often the idea of creating a large social room for combining living activities such as eating and entertaining has been the norm. With smaller floor plans, you need to get creative. Open floor-plans with multi-purpose rooms are becoming increasingly attractive for home-buyers/designers. We need to use our space most economically and effectively.  The key is to think about sight lines room to room to ensure that you can remain engaged with others when you're not right next to them.  The idea of triangle sight line is my rule of thumb.  Every location should have two other spaces within view


4. Tiny Houses

As cost of construction goes up and availability of new sites are limited in some Urban areas, the tiny house are the becoming desirable. Creative use of overlapping and multifunctional spaces have given opportunities for ingenuous design.  It’s not for everyone and you have to be comfortable in a ship like quarters.


5. Creating a Community

While the housing shortage has limited areas of affordable housing new concepts of creating communities with amenities and placemaking attributes.  By working jointly with community municipalities to identify potential sites for development with the goal to attract local mom and pop restaurants and retail to create a community 

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Sandra Sadauskaite