AN Integrated Approach

overview of our capabilities

SFJones Architects brings a holistic approach to design—including interior design, lighting, and art and furniture selection—in creating some of the most talked about social spaces in Southern California and beyond. We bring our clients' unique visions to life through skillful use of design elements that create memorable guest experiences and maximize the potential of every space.


Architecture & Interiors

SFJones collaborates with a handpicked team who provide turnkey branding and technical services. We work with our network of talented designers to establish fresh, evocative imagery that interprets and amplifies our clients' initial vision. Our versatile engineering collaborators provide a full range of structural, mechanical, electrical and audio-visual services.

Branding & Technical Services

SFJones is renowned for interpreting client concepts with social spaces that evoke a unique mood and ambiance. We have wide experience in the full range of casual to high-end restaurants and lounges, as well as hotel and spa design—environments that involve seamless integration of complex equipment. Our concept-driven architecture and interiors create a sequence of welcoming experiences, beginning with the moment of arrival. Every design element enhances guests' sense of well-being while making the most of the specific site. From Los Angeles to urban centers around the world, we specialize in designing distinctive environments for food, fun and relaxation.

Project Coordination & Rollout

SFJones guides every project from the first client meeting to opening day, developing the design and all its components so that it can be easily duplicated. We work with trusted collaborators experienced in the special requirements and challenges of social space design. These companies are equipped to deal with project issues throughout the planning and building process, including site investigation, surveying, code analysis, budgeting, construction management, budget monitoring and permitting.