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SFJones is renowned for interpreting client concepts with designs that evoke a unique mood and ambiance. We have wide experience in the full range of “social spaces” from casual to high-end restaurants, and lounges to entertainment venues to amenity facilities for offices, as well as hotel and spa design—environments that involve seamless integration of complex equipment. Part of the services we provide, is our approach to new concepts and is integral to the success of the project. We listen, observe, and research the key aspects of the project objectives to create a unique “story”for each project. Teaming up with our graphic designer we often integrate the brand identity with the architecture of the space so that a coherent brand is created and translates from the built environment to the look and feel of the logos, color schemes, and graphic design touch points.

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SFJones brings a holistic approach to design - including interior design, lighting, and art and furniture selection. We specialize in designing distinctive environments for food, entertainment, relaxation, and fun. Our initial task is to align expectations with realities by means of creating schedules and budgets that are in accord with both the clients desires and market and process realities.

SFJones collaborates with a handpicked team of consultants who provide turnkey design and technical services. Our versatile engineering collaborators provide a full range of kitchen consultants, structural, MEP engineerings, audio-visual, and lighting services. Our work flow includes the most current technologies with the likes of Archicad (A 3D software to create . building information models “BIM”) This enables us to produce and create coordinated construction documents and specifications and the ability to help the client visualize the designs and concepts.

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SFJones guides every project from the first client meeting to opening day, developing the design and all its components. We work with trusted collaborators experienced in the special requirements and challenges construction and procurement. Depending on the client needs, we have vast resources to identify potential construction managers, contractors, permit expediters, fabricators and furniture procurement. These companies are equipped to deal with project issues throughout the planning and building process. Information flows with the use of a program called Plangrid to uniformly distribute information to the team. Our goal is to be an agent to our client and advice the builder during the entire construction period when it is our role to interpret the design intent of the construction document and to answer the questions as they arise. This insures that the final constructed project adheres to the design intent that was initially conceived.

These companies are equipped to deal with project issues throughout the planning and building process, including site investigation, surveying, code analysis, budgeting, construction management, budget monitoring and permitting.